Search & Rescue (SAR)/Recovery


Simulated human remains during UAV search exercise.


Color and contrast enhanced simulated human remains.

AlphaPixel participates pro-bono in SAR operations within our region. Our UAVs can map large areas quickly, see into places that have no line of sight from ground level, inspect dangerous terrain, and even ferry small cargo to exact locations.

Our remote sensing experience lets us enhance captured imagery and rapidly distribute via the Internet it to multiple viewers to ensure every piece of terrain is examined thoroughly with every advantage available with computer image processing. Our GIS tools and skills help quickly catalog data, determine coverage, index images and quickly locate and recall data relevant to a particular location. We can even help plan routes based on available or rapidly-acquired 3D models of difficult terrain.

We keep our aircraft ready to fly at any moment and are available to first responders for emergency searches. We can call upon our network of associates to bring specialized near and thermal infrared imaging equipment into play. We fly under our own insurance and FAA licensing, so you don’t need a COA for your own organization. We can also suggest additional search strategies that may help resolve your search if our tools are not suitable.

We are currently obtaining specialized licensing for night-based and beyond-visual-line-of-sight operations to expand the situations where we can assist.

We are not a Search and Rescue team. We typically work in support of and under the guidance and tasking of an established SAR coordinator. We help administer and coordinate a group of regional SAR-capable UAS operators. Join our group!

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