AlphaPixel offers FAA part 107 Licensed UAV/Drone Aerial Photography and Mapping


As of 12:01 a.m. EDT on August 29, 2016 the NEW Small UAS Rule (FAA Part 107) is in effect, and AlphaPixel is now licensed for commercial UAV/Drone photography.

Drones and photography and videography have been in the news frequently for good and bad reasons. Micro aerial camera photography platforms like UAV drones offer unparalleled capacity to obtain difficult shots economically and safely. However, unprofessional drone operators continually get into trouble and into the news with accidents, privacy violations and mischief.

AlphaPixel is pleased to offer professional aerial photography, mapping, 3D and videography services operated by our FAA-Licensed pilots, insured by major insurance providers, with top-notch reliability and quality.

We are comfortable operating at high altitudes, in urban or remote settings, ensuring the safety and privacy of everyone in the area. We maintain a fleet of multiple professional UAVs for different missions and roles.

Check out our aerial photography services page for all the details.