Leadership Evergreen’s World’s Longest Picnic Table

worldslongestpicnictableOn Saturday September 24th, Leadership Evergreen’s class of 2015 completed their class project by building the World’s Longest Picnic Table. The record was verified by independent surveyors for the Guinness Book of World Records and was documented by AlphaPixel Digital with an aerial photograph acquired by our newest Phantom 4 Drone.

The event was challenging in many ways. The day was breezy with occasional gusty winds. The area was filled with non-participating spectators. The size of the image target (247.10m or 810 feet 8.5 inches) made it difficult to get the entire subject in the image while respecting the 400 foot flight ceiling enforced by the FAA. AlphaPixel chose to launch and operate from a paved parking lot off to one corner of the park where the event was taking place. Here, we restricted nearby traffic to ensure safety, and climbed to our operational ceiling. By photographing an oblique shot from a corner angle, we were able to get more ground-space into the image that we could if we were directly overhead.

The final result was visually pleasing and documented the size of the record-breaking table. We also provided some key video and stills from a flight along the occupied table by traversing a low flight-line paralleling the table in an unoccupied part of the field. AlphaPixel crew and county sheriffs walked ahead of the aircraft to ensure spectators weren’t within the restricted airspace below our drone. These videos were featured on the nightly news broadcasts of several local television stations.